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"Doctor who belongs to all of us. Everyone made Doctor Who." - Peter Capaldi


Doctor Who Season 4 Rewatch | The Sontaran Stratagem

Legend says he led the battle in the Last Great Time War. The finest war in history and we weren’t allowed to be part of it. Oh, but this is excellent! The last of the Time Lords will die at the hands of the Sontaran Empire in the ruins of his precious Earth!

girlfriends in space (and time)
     inspired by x

Clara Oswald in "Deep Breath"

please just — just see me.

Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro


This Radio Times poster for ‘Deep Breath’ is so fricking awesome *O*


My mom is so excited for the new season of Doctor Who that she made a TARDIS appear in our living room. (It’s bigger on the inside)