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"Doctor who belongs to all of us. Everyone made Doctor Who." - Peter Capaldi


Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and the Cybermen in a behind the scenes picture from today’s Doctor Who filming.

She says I smell like safety and home I named both of her eyes “Forever” and “Please don’t go” I could be a morning sunrise all the time, all the time yeah This could be good, this could be good

"I always equated the scene with that moment in Beauty and the Beast when Belle kisses the Beast and he turns into a man, and you’re really happy that he’s human, but you’re also really upset that the Beast is gone. And I always felt like that at the end… I don’t know where I’m going with this! But I always felt like she shouldn’t be kissing that number two. And also, he’s not the same. It’s all a bit weird. […] I think the beauty of sci-fi is that anything is possible. And I think that it’s never really the end for the Doctor and Rose. Well, maybe it is, I just don’t know it. Maybe I’m the one who can’t let go.
Billie Piper, Doctor Who Confidential: Journey’s End


my favorite part about this is clara walking away without a care in the universe like “yeah what’s wrong with being short now you great lanky martian motherfucker”

jenna coleman and peter capaldi on set today at aberavon beach 

She’s Karen, we’re the babes

chris eccleston & billie piper behind the scenes of doctor who (s1)

Good old Russell T. Davies (head writer/showrunner, 2005-2009) about the spirit of Doctor Who.